Tips for Safe and Comfortable Summer Ride

by Jessie on July 19, 2013 0 Comments

Safe and Comfortable Summer Ride

There are few months left until the summer ends, and it’s not too late for you to enjoy the bright weather before the golden months of autumn comes. No matter what you ride, it is very important to wear appropriate gears during this season; however, you might need to change your usual gears for the warmer weather since summer is naturally hot.

The sunny weather makes summer a wonderful riding season for some riders. On the other hand, in states and countries where the sun is hotter, the rising temperature can be dangerous so riders have to keep their selves more prepared. While some riders know the secret to cool riding, there are also some who do not. In times like this, you might be considering taking off your motorcycle jacket to get the most of the while you ride, but you have to think twice. If you can ...

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Motorcycle Jackets: Benefits

by Jessie on June 27, 2013 4 Comments

In choosing garments to go with your motorcycle, how you look must come in at distant second next to safety. In the last entry, we talked about boots, today, we will be tackling things you must know and need to consider in choosing motorcycle jackets. This includes the materials,and the benefits  when facing everyday and not-so-everyday unfortunate situations. Well, first off, make sure that you are wearing the right kind of motorcycle boots and helmet. Make sure you are not wearing construction helmets, as these do not dish out the right kind of protection. As for the jackets, make sure that you own one made from either a leather or kevlar.

Protective Jackets For Riders

Kevlar Jackets

This material provides optimum protection. As you may already know, this is the same material used to make bulletproof vests. And hey, it's five times stronger than steel when woven together. Being a rider means ...

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Motorcycle Boots: Finding The Perfect Pair

by Jessie on June 5, 2013 1 Comment

It is important for riders to wear motorcycle gears from head to toe. This only mean that a rider should wear not only a protective helmet, jacket and pants with armors, but also protective boots. We wear footwear in our daily walk to keep our feet protected, same in motorcycle riding, we wear a footwear made of durable materials to keep the riders feet from the heat of the engine and from slipping when starting or stopping his bike.

There are plenty of types of boots that can be found in the market today. From tall “biker” boots to those shorty ones riders have variety of options to choose from when it comes to design, features, and price. What differentiate motorcycle boots to ordinary footwear are the special features for comfort that riders find themselves to be glad that they are wearing a pair. If you are a newbie in ...

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Motorcycle Riding Safety Practices

by Jessie on May 15, 2013 0 Comments
motorcbikes and motorcycle gears


The thrill brought by motorcycle riding is unquestionable. Many people ride motorcycle because its fun, and they enjoy the experience a lot. However, even life is meant to spent to be lived in happiness, we have to take care to maximize the joy we have for living. There is no acceptable excuse for encountering road accidents because of driving recklessly. The possibility does not limit in jeopardizing your life, but others as well.

If you are a motorcycle rider who values life, not only yours, but of the people around you, you must practice safety while on public roads. How will you do this? There are two ways:

#1: Mindful Driving

Most of the time, when motorcycle riders are asked how do they protect their selves while on travel, the answer would be wearing appropriate gears that will save them from the impact of possible accidents. The answer is ...

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Motorcycle Casuals For Fashion and Fun

by Jessie on April 19, 2013 1 Comment

Every rider needs motorcycle gears to ensure their safety while traversing roads. For riders to prevent severe injuries when they are unfortunately hit by an accident, motorcycle gears come to rescue them from suffering head injuries to bodily scratches. Gears are prerequisite for riding and when it comes to fashion, it can also competes with the recent casual trends. Riders look cool when they are fully geared, a reason why even non-riders appreciate riding fashion for themselves.

Many people today find the riding fashion cool even though they are not really into riding. It simply proves that motorcycle is popular not only as a travel medium but also as a sport. So if you are a motorcycle racing fan or a person who adores riding fashion, you can also freely incorporate a motorcycle-inspired wardrobe in your casual wear.


motorcycle riders wearing gears in the competition


Rider T-Shirt

If you are a racing fan, you might are appreciating ...

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Simple Tips To Choose Rain Gears

by Jessie on March 26, 2013 0 Comments
You left your home glad because of the clear weather. The day is perfect for travel and you drove your bike reaching your destination without a fuss. However, the day does not end yet, and as you go back home, you were caught in surprise as small drizzles start to fall from the sky starting to become a full blasted rain. This is a situation that you never did expect, but if you have a rain gear, there is no reason to worry about. You can simply find the nearest shed then don your gear and go back to your bike to resume your ride.

Motorcycle gears are created for riders to protect them against injuries and the health effects of the weather, and this does not exempt the rain. Riders perfectly understand that their bikes do not have covers unlike cars, and they have to get extra protection anytime ...
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The Many Benefits of Wearing a Good Helmet

by Jessie on February 28, 2013 3 Comments

Motorcycle gears are primarily used by riders to ensure their protection while traveling on the road. Wearing proper motorcycle apparels is not simply for fashion purposes for underneath what you wear is your body which is vulnerable not only to the impact when an accident occur, but also to the health danger brought by bad weather. We are not asking for these unfortunate events to occur, however, it will not hurt if we will be prepared by wearing appropriate gears to brace our bodies against injuries.

agv helmet by jafrum


For now, let us give the spotlight to helmets being a prime motorcycle protector, let us ...

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Protection For The Winter—Heated Gears

by Jessie on January 23, 2013 1 Comment

The winter is one of the most uncomfortable riding season for motorcyclists. This is primarily because riding over the cold weather is simply not a great idea. The chill, the moist wind, and the snow splattered all over the road is something that can prevent you from enjoying a worthwhile ride. Since motorcycles do not have enclosures to cover the rider against the weather, many riders opt for another ride than travel in a compromising weather.

If you are a rider who still wanted to use your bike, but the weather would not allow you to, there are available gears to help you out. As long as the snow is not a threat on the road, you can still use your motorcycle by wearing protective heated gears to keep you warm along the way. Remember, do not ride your bike without appropriate gears to combat the cold. If you do ...

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Bikers Accessories For Fashion and Function

by Jessie on January 5, 2013 3 Comments

The New Year has come and you might be thinking of upgrading or adding some stuffs for your motorcycle for extra functions and comfort to last for the rest of the year. Accessorizing a great way to enhance the look of your road buddy, and also there are plenty of new motorcycle paraphernalia that you can add to spice up your riding experience.

Motorcycles might not be as cozy as cars, but there are wonderful ways to make things easier for you especially when you are going for long travel. From gearing your bike with cup holder or a durable motorcycle luggage, there are lots in store for the rider who wants to enjoy the best of life. To further inform you about some useful a ...

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Motorcyclists—How to Ride Safely

by Jessie on December 19, 2012 1 Comment

Riding a motorcycle is better than a car. There are several advantages that you can have especially when the weather is right. Besides the fuel efficiency, it is easier to maintain. Both forms of transportation serve the same function, which is getting people from one place to another. Lots of people choose to ride motorcycles because unlike cars it can park anywhere and it is harder to tow.

Most people consider several factors when deciding which kind of ride they want to choose. Some of these factors are safety , cost, gas mileage, comfort and lifestyle. Some people can own both car and motorcycle. Yet, they use their motorcycles more often to avoid traffic and travel faster. Protective gears are things attach to the body to secure the riders from unnecessary events such as to fall or even a crash.

Choosing the Right Gears


riders should be geared with gears


Safety gears is one of the most ...

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